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Ten Pocket Rapp

The 10 pocket Rapp is the most requested size, with a measurement of 6 x 22-inches.

This Rapp is so versatile that it can wrap around the neck, be used on the lower back, or wrapped around an elbow or knee.

Great For Pain Relief Anytime

Medical studies have proven the effectiveness of heat therapy to provide increased blood flow, reduce pain and promote relaxation of muscle spasms.

HotRapps Heat therapy is recommeded for the pain of arthritis and musculo-skeletal pain from everday activities.

Great for use just before bedtime to help you sleep with less pain for hours.

Unique Dual-Temp Delivery System provides two levels of heat.
One side of the Rapp allows more heat than the other side so you can apply the amount of heat you like.
When you first take the very hot Rapp out of the microwave you might use the thicker side of the HotRapp, then after it has cooled down a bit, you can flip it over and use it for more soothing heat therapy.

Return policy: Due to hygiene purposes, this item is non-returnable.

Ten Pocket Rapp  15.00     

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