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Khesin Massage Testimonial June 22, 2009

First of all I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Beth Hartman and it is an honor to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of my Massage Therapist, Jacob Khesin.

It is with great pleasure that I describe for you my experience thus far. From the first time I walked through the door and was greeted by Jacob with a warm, welcoming smile I knew I had found the perfect fit. Meeting him for the first time I felt as if we had been friend's for years. Jacob has a gift of immediately making his clients feel comfortable and at ease. I began seeing Jacob almost two years ago and would not hesitate to recommend his services to any of my friends and family.

Originally I sought out this treatment to help alleviate chronic back pain. I have had three back surgeries due to ruptured discs after which I went to physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, acupuncture and pain management. In fact after suffering for so many years and trying every treatment suggested I thought I should come to the realization that I would always be in a certain amount of pain. I am happy to say that I was wrong. I have consistently received more relief from my massage therapy than all of the other treatments put together.

In addition to lessening my pain, with Jacobs expert help I now sleep better, have less stress and anxiety, better circulation and more energy. He is one of my angels on earth and I am grateful that it was his door I walked through that day. Jacob is a kind, caring individual whose compassion and enthusiasm for his work is obvious and he sincerely has empathy for all of his clients.

If you are contemplating trying massage therapy don't hesitate, do it now. It will be a win win situation for anyone who has Jacob in their corner.

Kind regards,
    Beth Hartman

    Student, PIMA Medical Institute

Khesin Massage Testimonial I am partial to outdoor activities like tennis, skiing, biking, and hiking. Unfortunately, my low back pain kept me from enjoying them too often. I decided to try massage therapy with Jacob, and never looked back. Jacob has an outstanding technique. I feel great after my massage every time. Thanks to Jacob I can continue to enjoy skiing in the winters and tennis, hiking, and biking in the summers.

    Henry Darakhovskiy

Khesin Massage Testimonial "I have known Jacob for over three years and would highly recommend him to anyone needing an exceptionally professional, healing manual therapy or massage. I first saw Jacob in 2006 for a constantly strained shoulder and neck that was causing extreme pain and hindering my ability to work on the computer, which is my profession. Within a few visits, I felt relief and after a few months, I was pain free. The shoulder and neck have not troubled me since then. Jacob has unique skills and a very deep understanding of the human skeletal and muscle system. He is quick to identify trouble spots and works on them very effectively to provide relief. I am currently working with Jacob to get relief for my lower back and hip-joints that get overworked during my field hockey games and workouts at gym."


  "I have been going to Jacob for treatment of my stress and tension headaches as well as muscle aches due to stress for about two years. He has helped these problems tremendously. I rarely have headaches these days and the other problems have improved as well. Jacob has always been friendly, courteous and professional as well as being a good listener. Also, he has always tried his best to meet my scheduling needs. I can recommend his services without any reservations."


  "I began seeing Jacob Khesin LMP in 2006. He is associated with a pain clinic where I saw a MD who was managing my chronic lower back pain. I immediately felt results from Jacob's massage. His intuitive medical massage decreased my pain allowing me to function better at home and work. I eventually stopped seeing the doctor but I have continued to see Jacob and receive massage. He has helped me through methadone withdrawal, two shoulder surgeries in 2007, and a cervical fusion in 2008. He also continues to keep my back condition from worsening.

I always have relief from pain after each visit. With massage from Jacob I am able to live with my chronic back pain without being on large amounts of pain medication, this is amazing!

Massage from Jacob will always be a part of my wellness routine, because of his expertise I am able to enjoy a better quality of life."

    Penelope Jewell-Ferrer RN (March 6, 2009)

Khesin Massage Testimonial "I have been a patient of Jacob Khesin for 3 years. I had a terrible accident at work and had injury relating to my spine C-6, C-7 disc. I had to have two surgeries; the pain was so severe on my spine. I was referred to Jacob from my doctor. When I started going to Jacob he not only relived my pain but he make me feel good. He is not only my massage therapist but he is also a kind and understanding person. I would recommend and refer people to him. After my massage I feel good and my pain relieved. I will never be the same, but when I get my massage therapy I feel like a different person."

    Cynthia Granquist (May 23, 2009)

  "I have been client of Jacob Khesins' since September 2003. There is nothing can be done for my back, but Jacob has helped me tremendously. I have more mobility with my visits. He also has helped with my neck issues and headaches. Jacob is professional and accommodating.

If you are looking for someone that cares about his clients, I would definitely recommend Jacob."

    Sally W. (Sammamish, June 2009)

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